Unlock 'N' Earn with LatteScreen


LatteScreen is a new mobile advertising platform that reveals ads to users on their smartphones' lock screens.
By providing simple yet attractive images, LatteScreen allows a more seamless and less obtrusive method of ad delivery to users. LatteScreen’s users can view ads and get monetized for their engagement.  


Start LatteScreen to begin earning money simply by unlocking your phone!

Swipe to the left to view more information about an ad or swipe to the right to unlock your phone.

View your profile at anytime to see how much money you have earned through LatteScreen.

Cash Out
Redeem your points for cash via PayPal.

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AppDisco Co. Ltd. is an IT venture company based in Seoul, South Korea. Founded upon its philosophy to provide services that are exciting and enjoyable, AppDisco consists of young and creative employees that aim to develop a new market with an innovative application created with a unique perspective. AppDisco’s portfolio of pioneering mobile applications currently includes ‘AdLatte’ and ‘LatteScreen’. 

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AdLatte is an innovative reward-based mobile advertising application which connects users and advertisers by rewarding users who view and engage in advertisements. With AdLatte, advertisers can target viewers by age, gender and location thus maximizing the engagement and performance of their ads.

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